Monday, November 30, 2009

robots will rule

well thanks to my wonder friend Jennifer (see previous post for her blog) I should have a pretty new design this weekend along with at least one big post.  in the mean time I've just been handind the responsibility of doing an AI goes nuts type story in a super powered RP, the RP I'm doing it for as been a bit slow so I plan on taking my time to be sure to give everything plenty of charecterization, so naturally I've started looking for ideas.  I barely remember the orginal ghost in the shell movie and it has a few good ideas that I might throw in but I want my killer AI to be more of a bad guy than the one in that turned out to be. which leads me to eagle eye and terminator,  eagle eye has a lot of potential and I'll be sure to use but skynet in terminator is never really explanied (I'll admit I havent' seen the latest yet) just that it kinda took over. then there's the matrix, which if you haven't' seen the animatrix could fit into the unexplained portion to, but with the animatrix, well I'll be blunt I don't have a few hundred years of game time to develop the AI's motivation

off the top of my head those are the most promenint examples I can think of I aslo decided to read through I have no mouth and must scream I don't know much about it but being a horror story that focus on (I think) 5 humans being torchered by an AI that's gone nuts it should have a few ideas, but how about you my two or two and silent readers, any advice you can give on this or any otherwise of fiction you can point me to for ideas?

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  1. there's more sci fi robot story's from the guy who made I have no mouth and must scream. including the inspiration for terminator.