Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok once again a bit of a repost. in this case it's a character I made to be used in RP's, I really ended up liking her, she was primarily made as a way for me to play the dominate character in transformation RP's without having to go down into aggressive or downright evil characters I have difficulty connecting with.  I start off her original profile, then a few things about how I play her, and then I'll end with a bit of a joke based off of what I had to deal with at work today

Name: Isabelle

Age: approximately 1300 years

Appearance: she appears to be in her early 20's and has long dark hair and green eyes,   she's a little short for the age she appears but not enough that anyone would describe her has short, otherwise she has a good but modest figure, and while she may appear wearing any number of outfits she likes to make her first impressions wearing a knee length skirt and a black tank top with a purple butterfly pattern across it.

Bio: Isabelle isn't her real name just the most recent one she's adopted,  she tries not to change her name too often but from time to time she feels it necessary to adopt a common name for the world she's in. 

She originally started learning magic when she really was 20, back then she had not aspirations of becoming someone powerful her only goal was to try to learn a few spells to try and protect her first husband (she's lived 1300 years and has had about 6 significant others in that time) but her natural talent and the fact that she wasn't significantly changing the world around her disturb fate caused her to be joined with one of the natural pools magic in the world, which not only increased her abilities but is also responsible for her life span.

She's since interpreted that has an act of fate and as such spends most of her life trying to figure out what purpose she's suppose to fulfill, currently she lives in a big mason which is hidden deep in a forest (which forest is prone to change) and surrounds it with statues, each statue depicts a previous visitor to her place and they include plaques at the base

Characteristics: Isabelle's mansion is hidden from all technical means but she's woven hints into the threads of magic in the world so that anyone in this day and age that pokes into the hidden magical world can eventually find their way to her

Isabelle has incredible power, but mostly uses it to help out people who come to her mansion.  People who find the place on purpose and weren't motivated by greed will find her incredible helpful and always willing. Those who find the place by accident have a much more mixed experience, while she tries as gentle and caring as she can in those scenarios she interprets their visits as acts of fate and will try to figure out why fate would bring the visitor to her, and usually her interpretations go along the way of them needing to expand their horizons or understanding in a way only she could provide. She doesn't inherently know what brought someone to her place (she's capable but in general avoids that kind of magic considering it an invasion of privacy.  And has such will usually directly ask a visitor what brings them there, though she'll often try to make the question seem mysterious, one method she's used a few times is to appear directly behind the visitor when the knock the door and state "welcome visitor what brings you to the place that few seek and fewer find"

play styles: she generally wont' say who she is unless her visitor was seeking magic, but after she's transformed them she'll open up, her guest room is predominately pink while her room is powder blue.  there's also a room next to the guest room with statues of her significant others,  the door is never locked, secretly she's always hoping her guest will find it hoping it will honor there memory.  and while I haven't' always been successful in this I try to use it as an opportunity to show her being more venerable than normal, after all let's face it, she's nearly omnipotent as is.

And now for a joke. The line from the caller is exactly what they said, my response is what I wish I could have said the only context you need to understand is that I had to send the info about his problem up to another group that would be able to help him, and I had already told him they'll call back.

Caller: "well do to the shortened week it would be great if they could call so… you know what I'm saying"

Me: "Sir if I knew what you were saying I'd be making millions has a physic

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