Saturday, December 8, 2012

two weeks in a row

ok so school is gearing up for finals so I've basically hit the calm before the storm, finally finished with group projects but still ahead of the actual tests. so while I have a bit of free time I spent it doing coding tutorials to prepare for next semester, but I figred I could still talk about a few posts I hope to have up here soon (soon being used rather loosley.

first up, remember my hope to do a deep analysis of the legend of zelda ocarina of time well after playing the game I started looking into what others have said about it, and frankly felt a bit intimidated as it was a very deeply talked about subject, so I kinda shy'd away from it for bit too long and would now basically doing it from scratch if I tried to write it up, so I've modified my idea a bit.  I'll still be attempting deep analysis but I won't be looking at other peoples stuff, I'll be shooting for a smaller format though still trying to do some real analysis. and otherwise will have more in common with a lot of reviews, as such I'll my first attempt will be a different game (aka something I finish around the time I have the energy to write it up), though I am considering doing a couple of very basic write up's for games I haven't played in a long time, mostly just to help me narrow down the format(top candidates for this are persona 4 and legend of Zelda majora's mask).

the other idea, quite possibly the first time i've thought about talking about clothes on this blog (take that sterotypes) not sure if much will come from it since talking about clothes or fashion tends to bore me after a while.  but there are a few things about charm bracelets and buttons that have been bouncing around in my head and kinda feel like sharing.

if any of this sounds interesting to any of you feel free to speak up and I'll give it priority, otherwise this is stuff I hope to have up soon but can't make any promises.