Monday, July 22, 2013

a few updates and a long video

hey everyone, just a few quick updates since it's been a while. I finished my summer class about a week ago and now I'm gearing up for the fall semester. I also want to draw everyone attention to this wonderful video.

it's about two hours long but it's a wonderful trans 101 sort of thing mostly aimed at cis people (people who aren't trans) but either way I recomend finding time to watch it.

and final note adobe has recently made their creative suit free (I think it's a couple years out of date but a couple years isn't a big deal for this kind of software) you can get it here I'm going to try playing around with the software a bit I'm not particularly talented in that whole art thing but like most programmers I want to make games so if I can use this stuff to make basic but recognizable images it would be a great help.  but I figured I'm likely to start by making caps because, well that's probably one of the most basic things you can do with an image processing program so it's a great way to jump in and not get immediately overwhelmed. so if that's your thing you can look forward to seeing a few of my meager attempts in the near future.