Sunday, August 26, 2012

wow, a month

ok I know I say this a lot but sorry it's been so long my energy has been kinda sapped my dwindling reserve, when I can muster something it's generally gone to school.

I'll be starting school tomorrow but it looks like there was a delay in my transcripts being processed so none of my pre-requisets got registered in time for me to get into the classes I needed, so first semester is something of a wash filled with classes just to keep me enrolled, I'm really disapointed that it turned out this way, but at least it keeps me on the path to get out of this state and into a situation were I can get hormones.

hopefully I'll be back to regular posting soon, but lately I've been using caffeine to stay functional and combat the energy drain with depression.  as a result I now have a caffeine dependance (not the first time) and I'm still battling the normal depression so I'll try to post but I have no idea what my energy levels will be.