Saturday, July 30, 2011

cartoon superhero's

ok before I get into this topic I just want to get something out of the way, if you came here from and are looking for Jennifer's TG caps of defiance you can find the link here and always in my sidebar to the right.  also for the record I wasn't ripping on for the sake of it, people looking for jennifers blog have always been one of my highest sources of visitors from search engines, and after the recent upgrade to Google analytics I found out they ALL came from and they were the only ones from  so next time think about using Google or yahoo, ask is not a very well written search engine.

now a lot of the people following this blog know that I'm just now getting into comic books, but I do have something of a passing familiarity with a lot of the characters. some of this is due to being a fan of linkara who mostly reviews the bad comics but details from other characters can still pop up.  most of my knowledge about the characters comes from the 90's cartoons though, batman, superman, spiderman, and the x-men, spent a log of time with all of these shows. even know that I'm approaching my mid 20's I still enjoy these shows (re watching them on netflix).

however I haven't been a fan of a lot of the more recent ones, super hero squad does such a through killing of the charecters so to have hulk literally bawl like a baby. both the batman and the latest spiderman shows horrible respect for their source material (seriously there's a line in the batman that says, before the supervillans showed up gothem was officially the most crime free city in the world, and aside from a specific crime scene, gotham is portrayed as a bright and peaceful looking near utopia) and while wolverine and the x-men didn't look too bad I don't like that they felt the need to stress wolverine so much. so outside of the movies (both animated and live action).

which leads me to the few exceptions, fantastic four earths greatest hero's and more recently the avengers earth's mightiest hero's. I'll mostly be talking about the avengers since it's the one I found recently.  while there are a few problems with it, mostly in the forms of toning down the characters flaws to make it more "child friendly" (this is probably most obvious with iron man) I still find it entertaining and fairly real to the characters otherwise. which leads me to the last thing I want to comment on their theme song (check it out). it might be a little cheesy, but it still seems to fit, and I find myself enjoying it a lot.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

the internet

OK I want to start by stating that I don't believe all technology is truly neutral while I can't think of any tech that I would be comfortable banning all together. I believe some tech lends itself naturally to societal or individual progress and comfort, and some tech lends itself to a more destructive nature and good can come from that tech with discipline and control.

Now the reason I'm bringing this up is because ATnT's cap isn't a unique thing, Canada has to deal with a lot of bandwidth cap, you add to the fact that net neutrality is something that still pops up from time to time  (the most recent attempt at ending net neutrality being the aptly named internet freedom bill). and these trends scare me, I know has a tech geek this may seem a bit cliche but I truly belive the internet is one of the greatest things people have ever made (possibly the greatest). i've seen it allow people a voice to people who otherwise wouldn't, I've seen unite communities of people who might otherwise think they were completely alone.  it has been a true force of change, and has allowed information of all sorts to become easily assessable. and I belive we are only scratchign the surface of the impact it might have in our world (possibly one of the reasons I'm a cyberpunk fan).

these policies are a direct detriment to that, companies who start charging per bit instead of upgrading the network slow down the evolution and growth of the internet, possibly to the point of halting it altogether.
the effects of ending net neutrality could be even worse, if the architecture of the net is changed so that only large corporations are capable of significant web presence then the beauty I see in the net will quickly be lost, possibly even converted into a detrimental force in the world at large.

sorry for the lecture, and I'll try to have something less soap boxy next week, but this has been on my mind for a while, and it feels great to get it off my chest.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


well my computer's back and settled so I suppose it's time to get back to regular updates. and because it's been on my mind I'm going to give a rare post that actually earns the adult content warning I put on the blog.

last time I talked about this I mentioned that I'm a virgin and that still hasn't changed so this will mostly cover my solo experiences, you have been warned.

first I'll give an odd confession while I do masturbate I actually don't think of myself as enjoying it. they main reason I continue to do it is because I've learned that my body does have physical when I try going a long time without it I get stressed more easily, my headaches become more frequent and eventually my body can become more ache (it starts around the shoulders). to add to it, I very rarely experience what I'd refer to as "sexual attraction" based solely on some one's appearances, something some one says is far more likely to trigger that reaction then any way the look dress or act. to put this in perspective, I have probably spent more time fawning over linkara (who is a comic book expert and my fawning started when he nerded out about star trek) and iron liz (who is a very avid pen and paper RPG reviewer) (two people who do entertaining albeit low budget shows on the Internet), while they are by no means unattractive I think it's fair to say wouldn't exactly rank as high as say movie stars or super models in terms of being conventionally attractive.

I think these two things is the main reason why I read caps, when I actually am looking for some erotic story or imagery I need a lot more then just imagery but I don't want to sit and dwell on something for a long time. this has also lead me with very little explorations of my sexual interest or sexuality beyond just discovering a few big ones while I read. but there is a major exception to this, and that's my submissive side.

now I want to stress that there is a lot more to submissiveness and submission then just the sexual fetish involved and it would be doing a disservice to a lot of people to say that it is always about sex or little more then sex, but fact remains that it's difficult to explore without running into a fair amount of sex.

wow long winded rant and only now am I getting to the point, right now I'm going through another phase of attempting to explore this part of myself, the locked in lace forum has some sort of sub or off shoot site called the isle of submission, were I've started role playing, and last night I had another idea. I think I might start writing my first sexually explicit story, I have a lot of scenes I've already started planning out and I have most of the main characters planned (though I'm still trying to decide if I should include magic) while I normally want to avoid stories that are so blatantly self insert I think this might help me out in the long run, both in terms of finding an outlet, and hopefully letting me slide back into writing (there are still a few non sexual stories I want to work on)>

Friday, July 1, 2011

computer trouble, going to be out for a bit

title says it all, my computers down, and I have limited access to working computers, so I might not be able to blog for a bit.