Saturday, November 24, 2012

been in a bit of a bad headspace lately

I can tell it's bad when I start making excuses for why I should have stayed in my last relationship. note I'm not saying why it wasn't bad or I should try getting back with my ex, not how things could have worked out with a few changes, but why I should have stayed in it.  that may sound mostly but suffice it to say I started that relationship when I was at a confusing and very low part of my life, and the way my ex treated me managed to drive me a lot lower.  it's not entirely her fault like I said I was already pretty low and thus didn't have the energy to stand up to her or challenge her per-conceived notions of me, but then a blog post I made (not this blog) were I was confused, nervous, scared, and desperately reaching out for help was what started our friendship, and the romantic relationship was kicked off a very short time later, so if she were concerned about me she should have easily realized the vulnerable position I was in. yet as bad as it was two things keep making me think I should have stuck with it, one is how much I emphasis I place on relationships being necessary to be happy, and at times I get the impression my last relationship was basically my only chance to have such a relationship.