Sunday, February 12, 2012

hair and comics

as some of you may remember from another recent post I was growing out my hair, it took a few years but as vain as it may sound I was really enjoying it. well that's gone now, had to get it cut for some job interviews, my hair is now very very short, and I'm finding it more frustrating then I was expecting. 

in other news i've been reading a lot of comics, most of which I got for my birthday, I may be the last nerd on earth to read it but finally read the long Halloween, I also have hush I'll get to, and the three ghost in the shell manga (1, 2, and 1.5) the movie ghost in the shell being one of my favorite movies so I'm really enjoying seeing their source material, even if so far (still reading) I prefer the movie, mostly because it seemed to do a good job of taking the best and most thought provoking scenes from the long book and putting it into one story.