Saturday, March 31, 2012

the hunger games

OK so another boring set of weeks for me, I'm still looking for a job and it will be a while before the fall semester at school starts up,  so my week as been fairly uneventful.  I did however get an audio copy of "the hunger games" for very cheap, and two things have come of this.  first is that it's a really good book and I'm enjoying it a lot more then I thought I would, second is that since it's an audio book, it's been really helping me stick to my workout routine, so I'll probably be looking into more audio books in the near future (I'm already past the halfway point on the book) and hopefully this will end up really helping me get in shape.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

mass effect 3 and legends of the frost

OK as a close friend of mine already knows Mass effect 3 kinda dominated my week, despite finishing it around Tuesday.  before I go on I want to stress that it was easily the best game I've ever played, I cried at several points, no piece of fiction has affected me in the ways that ME3 did.  that being said you can't browse a gaming site without coming to my next complaint, the ending was a complete nonsensical dud lacking in any closure.  I'm not going to give out spoilers so I'll leave it at that but if you don't mind spoilers here's a very good article outlining it's problems

now to something a bit happier, I'm a big fan of miracle of sounds songs and I just have to share his recent cooperation with malukah, I find it absolutely beautiful, it's inspired by the game skyrim but spoiler free as far as I can tell (haven't played the game).    

Sunday, March 11, 2012


really need to get back to my substantial posts soon, but I've been having trouble finding the motivation lately,  also I should have put that I was going on vacation up here it's the main reason why I missed the last couple of weeks.

anyway I've graduated with my associates degree in information technology, and come fall I'll be starting up a bachelors program for computer science.  I also managed to get enough money for mass effect 3 (mostly due to a more generous tax return then I was expecting) which I've been enjoying so far.  also really going to enjoy seeing how commander Shepard story plays out.  although the day one DLC (which is important to the lore of the series) and being forced to install origin (EA's answer to steam, although it's still really far behind and I've encountered regular bugs, though none of them cause significant problems, mostly just odd) though personally I don't find these problems to be nearly as big as some people are making them out to be.