Sunday, March 18, 2012

mass effect 3 and legends of the frost

OK as a close friend of mine already knows Mass effect 3 kinda dominated my week, despite finishing it around Tuesday.  before I go on I want to stress that it was easily the best game I've ever played, I cried at several points, no piece of fiction has affected me in the ways that ME3 did.  that being said you can't browse a gaming site without coming to my next complaint, the ending was a complete nonsensical dud lacking in any closure.  I'm not going to give out spoilers so I'll leave it at that but if you don't mind spoilers here's a very good article outlining it's problems

now to something a bit happier, I'm a big fan of miracle of sounds songs and I just have to share his recent cooperation with malukah, I find it absolutely beautiful, it's inspired by the game skyrim but spoiler free as far as I can tell (haven't played the game).    

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