Sunday, January 19, 2014


ok so my birthday is this Tuesday (the 21st).  like most people I think an upcoming birthday kinda makes me reflective, but since I feel like talking about positive things that have been running through my head, that's what I'm going to write about.  fair warning this might make me seem a more materalistic then normal but when I want to think about the positive of the last few years getting back in school and the materialistic.

an early birthday present I got was remember me, a game for the xbox 360 I've been looking forward to playing it.  game play wise it has platforming like assassins creed but more linear, and a really interesting combo system for combat that I don't think I could describe easily.  but what I really love is the story, I wont spoil it but it deals heavily with memories the impact they have on who we are and their impact on our own identity.  one of the things that sets nilin apart is her ability to "remix" memories, that is view someone elses memories and make a series of small changes that end up having drastic results on how the memory plays out.

and there's been a lot of black widow stuff going on this month.  at the start of the month Marvel gave her her own book again, and it's off to a great start (my firs time buying a comic issue by issue instead of waiting for the collected trade paperback) and they've decided to release the second issue early and so I'll be reading that the day after my birthday,  so I'm pretty excited for it. 

and I decided to get myself a little birthday present.

I got it from this etsy shop.  I've been looking for a necklace off and on for a while now,  something I can wear under my clothes.  I know this may not make sense but I know from high school that keeping a little personal symbol on me can help calm me down (in high school I kept a wiccan symbol on me, especially when my mom took me to church.  for the most part I've been looking for necklaces that mean thinks like woman, girl, or feminine. everything I found would either be a big tell to people who happen see it, or were so unrecognizable that they didn't have any meaning to me.  but when I found this I knew I had found something perfect,  people know I'm a black widow fan so if they see me wearing this it shouldn't be suspicious. and it has personal meaning to me because the entire reason I fell in love with the black widow is because she had to fight her history and the people around her for the right to define her own identity and live as the person she is, and not the person she was told to be.