Sunday, May 29, 2011

bad weekend

well I just got home after attending my sisters graduation party and let me just say I hope everyone reading this had a better weekend then me.  for a few highlights, stress depression and sleep deprivation started peaking around the same time till I had to find a private spot to blast some music and cry a little, and my dad got drunk and quite possibly ensured some cousins I like are never coming down again.  so yeah sorry not in the mood to make a bigger post right now but I'll try to be a little more positive next week.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

it's strange loosing a friend.

so yeah, the friendship between me and the person I mentioned in my "not on tap post" is officially over. it's an awkward feeling, I do feel a bit bad about it, but at the same time this is the same girl who regularly ignored me, called me a bad friend when that made me insecure, and made me not saying bad things about myself a requirement just for talking to her and then weeks later tried to send me uplifting video's and trying to build a supportive relationship. I really can't be played with like that and as such, even though a part of me is sad to see the friendship officially cut off, I'm very relived and glad that it is.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


ok I have about three topics I'd like to talk about, but energy seems to be a bit low lately. hopefully I'll get to them soon.  in the mean time the title says it all.  looks like I'm probably going to be getting a pair of glasses soon.  I haven't seen the optometrist yet (appointment this wensday) but based on how well I could see the stage compared to other family members at a show I saw a few days ago it's pretty probably I'll be getting something. though I'm not sure what, my child hood history indicated I'd need reading classes when I got older, but now it looks like I may be near sighted.

either way I've started looking into what to get. I don't know a lot of the options out there but my insurance does cover scratch resistant lenses, so that one's pretty much a given. I'll have to check on how much transition lenses cost, there not covered but it would be handy to have a ready pair of sunglasses for driving.  and the part I'm the least familiar with, the frames. my insurance will cover up to $130 for the frames but I don't even know were to start with those, for now I'll probably just take a look at what they  have available were I'm getting my eye's checked.