Saturday, November 28, 2009

links highlight: jennifers TG caps of defiance

well I just got home from a lovely thanksgiving so I have less time to make this blog than most of the ones I do on the weekend, and I want to do my best to post a blog at least once every Saturday, I'd figure I'd start off with what will probably be a reoccurring feature were I go through the links I have posted and highlight some of my favorites, now the link I am highlighting is run by some one who probably accounts for 50% of my readership I might have to come back to it later but for now

this is a blog devoted to TG caps and as you might gather from the title most of the caps are about forced transformations, and in my opinion some of the web but I'll admit that it's a pretty subjective term at that point, since some people don't like forced transformations, but if you do and you dont' mind adult content check it out.

now like all of my adult content links I don't comment there as much I have a touch and go relation ship with my sexuality and my sex drive, but that's a subject for another blog, in the meantime just take it on faith that even if I don't comment on the adult content sites much I still love them.

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