Sunday, January 9, 2011


hello, I hope everyone had a good holiday. mine was pretty good once I got past a scare with one of my cats. but it's ok and the cat will be just fine.

now here's a little fact about myself I always found curious and a little odd.  my favorite genres of fiction are fantasy and cyberpunk.  two genres that I don't think could have less to do with each other.  but it goes a lot deeper then just liking to read/watch/play those genres the most.  my two favorite fictional characters are link, a noble swordsman who's effectively an elf. and major makoto kusangi, a cyborg woman and talented hacker, leader of a nearly military police unit that bends and breaks rules on a some what regular basis.

heck even some of my ideas of paradise fit this (the ones that revolve around the environment I'm in rather then the people I'm around)  a quite place with a big lake I spend most of the day in (to be fair I doubt I could handle that long term without a computer) or being able to immerse myself in a digital world with all the information and knowledge of the ages is instantly accessible (not a clue how I'd handle that long term).  just always thought the constant contrast between the two was a bit odd, are a lot of people out there like this or is it just me?

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  1. I don't think it's odd, I enjoy many different genre's and love it when they can me meshed together well enough and create an engaging story.

    Examples are things like horror and fantasy. or a classic swordsman story, with a steam punk setting. etc