Saturday, January 29, 2011

just venting

it should be fairly obvious by now that I consider my online spaces to be some sort of safe space for me and my issues. today I'm going to be taking advantage of that and I'll be venting a little about one particular individual, who I won't name, but has consistently pretended to be a friend (even after I made it clear I didn't care for the friendship) but as attacked me, claimed I couldn't really be trans unless I obsessed over one thing she obsessed over, continually asks me questions that are very hurtful to me, even after I have answered the question, explained the situation isn't going to change, and explained numerous times that it is a very harmful question for me, and when I have the gall to get upset when she asks it for the 12th time (I think I'm lowballing it) accused of being bitchy and being in PMS.

it should be quite clear that this person is obviously deeply misogynistic, what with the whole "upsetting questions make you upset, change your tampon" (she actually did say stuff like change your tampon) and her claiming that I can't really be a woman if I don't obsess over her (traditionally girly) interest. but is also incredibly rude and has no sense of respecting another human being. I think what annoys me the most is that just when I think she's gotten the picture on something she some how always comes back with the same annoying attitude and the same fucking question.  the reason this came up today is that she recently started trying to re-initiate contact with me, and the same day, when I simply gave some info to a question she posed to a comunity she STILL managed to come at me.  it's gotten to the point were I can't be sure if she's really that dense, or if she is trying to bully me, and in fact I've considered reporting her on the claims of bullying.

I'll admit there are multiple people I don't get along with, happens to everybody, most people I simply hope not to see.  I know this girl from an online community/safe space and she has the honor of being the only person I would ever want to leave or be booted off that place.


  1. If it gets to severe and you still have the chat logs you might could show those as prove of the distressing behavior this person continues to exhibit.

    Sorry you are still having so much trouble. It's a shame too because from what I do know, the two of you shouldn't have any problems as long as she would just drop the question.