Sunday, January 16, 2011


so I saw the new tron movie a little while back, and while I admit it wasn't the deepest story out there I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it (and I've been playing the opening narration about the grid more then most people could handle), it had wonderful visuals and great action scenes and story wise felt like a true successor to tron, which I admit I only saw a few years back when Disney decided to air it on TV (around the time they released kingdom hearts 2 and I still wonder if that was coincidence or if they purposefully did that).  they even had a number of good nods to computer science while they were still in the real world, real UNIX commands were actually used (any one wondering were the kill -9 thing came from) and even the sound track was very enjoyable even if it seemed like daft punk had to write most of the music to fit has background music instead of stand alone tracks. and I really hope they go through with there plans of making more of these, I've even heard rumors of them making an animated series to act as a bridge between the original and the new one.

but lets face facts, I am a giant nerd, I consider myself to barely know UNIX commands yet I was still able to catch a few they used, and being the giant computer nerd any movie about somebody being sucked into a computer world is probably going to have to work really hard to make me not like it. now for the big question, WHY, is the original tron not available for dvd, it looks like it was made at some point but checking online used copies were going for about 70 bucks and netflix didn't have it for rent either I'm going to wait till legacy is on DVD before I decide it's OK for me to pirate it (I'm hoping for a combo pack or something) but watching the sequel brought back a few memories of the one time I managed to see the original and made me realize I really wanted to see it again, and commercially seems like they would be printing more of the movies to sell as I'm sure others think the same I do and I've seen people who wanted to check out the original before watching the new one, but over priced used copies seem to be all that's available.

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