Sunday, February 6, 2011

quick update

so a few thing have happened since my last blog, nothing major but a number of small things.

one I got my second cat back, I was really happy about it at first but the two seem to hate eachother suddenly, I'm hoping it's temorary and that they'll go back to there friendly selves soon.

I was very recently contacted by an old friend who I figured wasn't willing to put any effort or energy into our friendship, so I'm kinda happy about that, but a little cautious since she might easily go back into that attitude.

and I did one of my nerdiest things on tumblr and made a blog dedicated to random thoughts from across the Borg collective please check it out share it, and feel free to submit to it, i'd love to start posting stuff on there that came from other people. (I've also included a picture of one of my recent jokes on the blog)

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