Saturday, February 12, 2011

black widow

so I've been trying (and slowly) getting into comics recently, it started off with me tracking down some of the marvel ultimates line since (has I recently discovered) there suppose to be something of a retelling/re-imagining of the marvel hero's, for the most part the characters are the same but starting off in modern times and free of continutity.

anyway to make a long story short some of what I read prompted me to track down some comics of black widow in the main marvel line so far I've read a trade paper pack of her's called deadly orgin seems like a good place to start if you want to learn about her, didn't have a lot of action scenes but showed a lot of scenes from her history, basically giving an abridged version of her history (as far as I can tell).

and most surprisingly I felt myself connecting and emphasizing with her a lot more then I thought I ever would with a superhero character, if you don't know much about black widow the follwoing might be considered spoilers, but it is all pretty much back story stuff, still be warned.

I found I oddly connected with her plight of feeling fractured, and having spent so long being told who she was that she's having trouble feeling like herself, or like a whole person.  in her case there were even refrences to things being done to her head, which may have made her think that she was something she wasn't (in her case a balarina).  obviously I don't know exactly what it's like, but the basic theme of loosing yourself to what your told you are, and spending time trying to piece your own basic identity together was something I found myself emphasizing with a good deal, and now I'm really looking forward to reading more of her stuff.


  1. Marvel 1602 is a standalone series and she's in it for a little bit. Pretty fun read, has a lot of marvel hero's in it.

    She's also in one or two levels of the punisher video game. I had a pretty good time with the game.

    I've related to a couple of fictional character. But thankfully, none of them are super villains. *whew*

  2. Natasha is a very cool character. She started as a Russian spy who fought against Tony Stark and Iron Man. She is responsible for Hawkeye crossing paths with the super human world. He was her love sick puppy and did the bad guy work against Iron man. She lead the Avengers for many years. Her love affair with daredevil is really cool. There are so many very good stories with her. I will try and see what I have in my collection and pass the titles along.

  3. I really love the Ultimate series. Especially the X-men one as it needed a fresh slate really bad. The long running continuity made it so ridiculously complex and over-populated that It almost resembled a soap opera.