Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well my normal end of the day chit chat seems to be gone, so I'm left to talk with myself, which now that I have this lovely blog to post two means you get a few more snippets of what's inside my head.

I like to "imagine" short stories, I always intend to write these down and I believe some have reasonable potential to be entertaining for a few people, but usually I lack the motivation, for the last few years one of the recouping themes in these stories were character that started off in various stages of self denial and over the course of the story, were forced to confront their inner demons and as they learn to accept those accept of themselves they eventually become more at peace with themselves and grow stronger (what can I say the fiction I imagine tends to involve a lot of actual fights). for those of you about to point out some parallels between the struggle of my characters and some of the struggle outlined in my post titled "repost" yes, as a matter of fact most of my characters seem to go through metaphorical struggles that mimic my own in a few instances before I even realized it myself. Now while I knew I wasn't the first person to do stories like that I didn't know of any main stream media examples that really fit that description, so I felt it was a somewhat new and "fresh" concept. Then I played persona 4, which was a fantastic game and handled that theme fare better than I ever could have hoped to, as well as found a better way to fit it into the narrative.

Of course I know I shouldn't feel threatened that a professional entertainment group handled a fairly broad theme better than I think I could have. But now that I'm hoping to actually complete a cyberpunk story I started writing last month I can't help but feel that it too may end up as a weak copy of something else popular that already out.

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