Monday, December 14, 2009


I'll warn you ahead of time, I have no idea were I'm going with this posts, just one of those things I felt the need to get out but didn't know the best way how

So a little earlier today I got in a brief discussion about RP characters that are a lot like the player, or specifically characters that are the person the player thinks of as the real them. The person I was talking to has a character like that she regularly uses, I had one that I've used in one RP. And while I'll admit I learned a lot about myself from that RP (one of her arguments why I should bring her back) but well to be blunt, I have something of an epilogue for that RP that ended very happily to her, and when I started thinking about it, I honestly think that's the closest I'll ever get, so despite the benefits of learning about myself, I can't really stand the thought of pulling her out of that.

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  1. Well, I get where your coming from. but Wouldn't it kinda be living a new life? not changing what the last one had, but instead like it's an alternate reality. another take on the same person.