Saturday, December 19, 2009

Links highlight: there will be brawl

this has been one of my favorite web-series for a majority of the year, it only been updating once a month but it's well worth the wait, they have amazing scripting acting and the costumes are incredible plus they have just about every character from super-smash brothers brawl. be warned though the charecter have little in common with there video game counterparts, the story the writers have constructed a very dark story, involving a city that is tearing itself apart as crimlords are involved in a bloody territory war.  I know that so far I may not be doing a good job of selling this show but that's mostly since I don't want to give up the surprises it has, but I still encourage you to check it out, they have nine episodes has of this post plus some filler, the series finale should also be posted soon (in fact that one is running behind, it should have been up yesterday) so you'll be able to enjoy the whole story at pretty much your own pace)

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