Saturday, August 27, 2011

deus ex

ok before I get started I just want to send a quick thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes or showed their support in some way, it means a lot more to me then I could ever express.

I've been playing a lot of deus ex human revolution lately (spent money I barely have and shouldn't have spent to get it), it's been helping me keep my mind out of a sudden depression spike.  but I have to say the game is fantastic, I may have been caught off guard by a boss fight has a stealth/non-lethal combat character.  what impresses me the most is this constant theme about the morality and philosophies of human augmentation, both arguments for and against are regularly featured with Adam Jensen himself being some one who's live was saved by cybernetic prosthetic. and for those of you thinking it's only an intellectual exercise, they've already got chips to interact with the brain/nervous system, it's incredibly basic right now, but a time when these questions start relating to real life is probably closer then you'd think.

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