Saturday, August 21, 2010

links highlight: gender bitch

well this weekend I have to put together both a 3-5 page paper and a 3-5 minute presentation (ok I did procrastinate the presentation but the paper is fairly new news) and since I don't want my long emo rant to be the top post for much longer, how about another one of the link highlights.

this time it's one of the activist blogs that I ran across recently it's called genderbitch: musings of a trans chick.

I have to say this girl is completly awesome I'm still reading the back catalouge of her blog and I've probably spent more time this week reading it than I have doing what I'd normally consider leisure activities (I actually tend to do that when I find a blog I really like). she's very expressive and clever. she also as a way of writing which is very very good at pointing out how other's have severly fucked up I've also taken to following her on twitter which includes updates to her tumblr account (fair warning she posts a lot to tumblr) which are still just as awesome.

and since I have a feeling some people reading this may want a bit more I'll give you this Scott pilgrim avatar I made, I'm considering redesigning the site to use (an idea I actually stole from Kinsey of genderbitch) it since a part of me as always been a little uncomfortable using some one else picture as the intro into the site.
I love the machete

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