Sunday, May 6, 2012

bleh week

so this week I haven't been doing a lot. I'm getting more involved in rp's at the heaven which I think is really helping me out, I think I may be sick with something, though it's hard to tell I cough a bit more and my throats irritated if it hadn't tuck around for so long I wouldn't' think anything of it.  had a conversation with my dad, which I think flared up my depression, but this stint of barely being able to move only lasted the day. almost entered into a bit of a writing contest at the haven, but a combination of writers block, the dad conversation and not realizing I needed to include a transformation of some kind made it so I didn't hit my deadline.

I've also been getting pretty lonely again, mostly in the form of wishing I was in a relationship, this prompted me to realize I still had some IM conversations with my ex saved on my hard drive, managed to erase them but they weren't very well named so I had to open up and look through them a bit to see which were with her,  this likely only made my depression stint and my loneliness worse.

on the brighter side I'm probably going to be seeing the avengers next weekend.

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