Saturday, May 26, 2012

so had a random thought

something that might bring some more varied content into this blog and the gamerisms tumblr blog I sometimes contribute to. I'm talking about some long form game analysis.  now this doesn't mean a review directly, instead I'm taking my inspiration from errant signal and tasteful understated nerd rage (links open in a new page, and will take you to spoiler free video's of theirs).

the basic premise is to talk about the game in a long and serious manner that one might see for movies, literature or other pieces of art.  I'm a bit intimidated as I don't feel as well read as those guys sometimes get, and I believe both of them have actually worked in the gaming industry.  however I feel it's something that's not done very often, those two guys being most of what I've been able to find in that manner so even if I'm not very good at it I don't' think I could exactly hurt anything either.

chances are I'd be doing this in text, largely due to anonymity, voice, and even technical reasons (have one mike I don't think even works anymore).   though I would put more effort into proofreading and re-writing then I normally do on this blog as this blog is generally more about self expression and venting were as these writings would be meant to prompt discussion or in depth thought.

I'm thinking my first article will be on the legend of Zelda ocarina of time. although I'm not sure if there's much interest in this in the firs place, so tell me what you think.

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  1. I couldn't comment on the game it self, but the Zelda franchise I could. it's a great series to start off a discussion on video games and what it inspired for future generations, and how a classic seemingly has stood the test of time again and again.