Saturday, September 25, 2010

I won't be silent any more (kinda)

first off I'd like to welcome my three new followers and anybody else who found my blog in the last couple of weeks.  I'm always happy to have more readers, even though my blog about depression in addition to being transsexual including people finding my blog by googling the words transsexual and depression.  but this blog was made mostly for self expression and one of the things unfortunantly is my depression.

which leads me to the title of the blog, it's gotten harder and harder for me to keep any number of my political or social views away from people, I'm still no were near working up the courage to tell people about my gender issues but recently I've started posting a few current event issues related to gay rights, and subsequently had just about everyone from my past join together and tell me what a self serving evil heathen I am. this has been going of for a few weeks, were I'll give logical and moral reasons why, you know, people deserve basic human rights, and then they'll resort to personal attacks (the most mild of which was critiquing my grammar has there entire argument) and try to tell me how I'm not listening to them, this got to the point to were for most of the day there was actually a face book page devoted to hating me, made by some one who deleted the account they made it with before anyone could find out who it was.

now people thrashing around and saying nonsensical things to be bigoted isn't anything new and I was actually expecting as much, but still, a few weeks worth of personal attacks as started to wear me down a bit even if I give no weight to any specific attack.  so it's left me a little drained (that's part of the reason why I missed last weeks post) and horny, that's possible a coincidence, but it's weird non the less


  1. I know a bit about the people who so quickly call people heathens and the like. One, Listen to Stephanie Miller in the mornings. Not only do they talk politics, but they are as she says "a fart joke show." Stephanie recently came out on the air and it has been interesting to see her accept herself while not defining herself. I would have went insane the past Presidential term without Miller, Thom Hartman, and Randi Rhodes to be my safety net.
    Now about these heathen comments and the like. I am finding more and more that I believe the Bible is being misinterpreted and the mindset not that of a Christian who follows Jesus. Also, Lesbians are OK even under Literal interpretations, because woman laying down with woman is not mentioned. There are really more layers to the scripture used. So I am of the mind that one day in the future Homosexuality will be like slavery and divorce. Accepted by the members. It will be a fight and it will be ugly, but one day I see it happening. Sorry for the rambling. Mind is a bit tired.
    Hang tough on the depression side of life dear. You have a mind that can fight back, I see it in your words. Remember there are people that do care, even if we are separated by cyber highways.

  2. I agree with the mis interpretations infact some time ago I stumbled across this little site.

    it examines the bible passages that are normally touted out against homosexuals ans shows how they've been misinterpreted. the short version is that most of those passages were actually about temple prostitution, the sin of Sodom was never actually said to be homosexuality, and in once case was part of a set of rules that included things like not wearing clothing of too many different textures, and I can't remember the exact words but Jesus basically said not to worry about those rules anymore.

    I highly recommend giving them all a read, my abridged version doesn't' do it justice.

  3. Most people are hypocrites, when it comes to religion a lot of them have selective memory from whatever book they read. What happened to treat others as you'd like to be treated? Homophobes have a hard time placing themselves in the shoes of the people they are so quick to condemn.