Saturday, July 17, 2010

why activism is important (to me at least)

you may have noticed I added a small section of activist blogs into the side bar, it's actually something I've been considering for a while but was a little hesitant since pretty much every single one of those blogs as a list far bigger than mine, but expect mine to be growing fairly regularly.

I also know that activism is generally seen as not popular by many, middle class white men in particular, but even woman, transexuals, the GLBT, and all manner of racial activism will try to dismiss it as being overly sensitive, or any number of ways to say that it's not worth it or that it's only for angry young people (ignoring the fact that most people in activism tend to be older than teens or twenty's) but as you may have guessed I don't buy it. and I really don't buy the idea i've been told a few times that as I mellow out and grow older I'll get over it ( for the record I'm 23 which I know puts me on the young end of things).

but as long as trans people are dropped from ENDA (the employment non-discrimination act) in what felt like seconds after it was first introduced, as long as I hear trans woman say we have no part in feminism since it's very name excludes us, and as long as studies like this Half-of-Japanese-Females-Think-Virtual-Girlfriends-Are-Superior are met with scores of men saying the women need to lower there standards in men ( to be fair the study did have a large number of problems including sample size and didn't disclose too many other variables, but that's still about 150 girls that believe that). I'm sorry but transsexuals should enjoy equal employment, trans woman have just as much right in feminism as any woman, and if a woman is competing with a computer program for love and affection her self esteem and standards are already too low. and I honestly and truly hope that I am never comfortable with those injustices.

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