Sunday, July 25, 2010

everything but the kitchen sink

this week is a bit of an oddity, I actually have a number of things I'd like to comment on but there almost all current events that would be less relevant down the road and typically much better brought up elsewhere. so I figured this would be a fairly blanket post on all the subjects.

first up is something that's just about me. I decided to sign up for form spring.  if your unfamiliar with it it's basically a continuous QnA, since I've signed up I now have my own page and you can ask me any question you want (well any question that can fit in about 300 characters)  and unless the question is spam or intentional flam-bait or anything about how to contact me outside of the internet I plan to answer it, this includes being able to ask questions anonymously, so if anybody reading this has something you'd like to ask me about being trans, living in a place as conservative as Idaho, or about any of my nerdy subjects I blab on about, please feel encouraged, and don't worry about me having any idea who it is.

now some bad news there's a legal case building up in Texas were a trans woman recently lost her husband (a firefighter) and his family is now trying to nullify their marriage and claim his life insurance benefits for themselves, and because of Texas legal precedent defining gender by genetics, and the fact that gay marriage is not legal there it has a strong chance of succeeding. and to make matters worse their now trying to lay claim to the money she earned herself (turns out she was the main breadwinner in the relationship). a better explanation and linked details here

now some good news, a family is allowing there transgender child to grow up as her real gender, further more this is getting positive media attention in daytime television.

and finally the movie inception, go see it. if you only see a small number of movies in theater every year, go see this movie in theaters, and if you can't do that, rent or buy it as soon as it's on DVD. the movie is seriously worth it and I want to see more thought provoking Hollywood movies like this, and if you just want an action movie, it does that incredibly well too, seriously this movie as something for all adults and you need to see it.

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  1. I am disappointed to say, by the legal establishment in Texas will probably side with the Mom. This is a tragic story and even though it is wrong of me to do so I feel the Mom is the one wanting a big payday from her son's death. I guess the grief over the death is and will fuel her hatred of her son's wife and instead of being able to share in their mutual loss, each now will spend time in the hate-filled conservative dominated Texas legal system.

    There is a reason that Lady Justice is blind, too bad the rest of the world is not.......see, we all look the same when we turn out the light.