Saturday, April 24, 2010

why I should never write fan fiction

ok I'll skip how and why but a little while ago I was tryin to think of my favorite fictional female charecters, my first response was my version of commander Shepard from the mass effect games, but as anyone who's played the game will tell you who shepard is is left largly up to the player so I didn't really count it, shortly afterwards I came to major kusanagi from ghost in the shell. the following random brain wave is what lead to the title and should not be read by people familer with both works of fiction and wish to keep their sanity

"if my version of commander shepard and major kusanagi were to ever meet, all war and violent crime in the galaxy would be eradicated in about two months"

yeah, that bad. the worst part is that I've actually been trying to keep the fantasies of them meeting out of my head and I promise you there is no way a story like that could work out well. granted I think it works out better than most of what has. (has an experiment I poked around there for less than two minuetes and found a mass effect starcraft cross over) but if I were to start infulging in my fanfiction thoughts it would probably get a lot worse, in fact I'll leave you with one more brain melt moment.

it would probably only be a matter of time before I wold write one were link from legend of zelda and kenshin from ruroni kenshin fight over me.  and yes that would horribly kill both characters.

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