Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've been trying to compose some of my more intamate thoughts down into a more coherent narative, unfortunantly I haven't really been sucsessful in that but here's here's a breif sum up

am I a burden?

sorry I can't give as much detail as I'd like but that question, tends to be the ultimate question that pops up during the worst of my depressive phase and ultimately I can't stand the thought that the answer may be yes, that to all the people in my life and everyone I care about that I am somehow a burden to them, financially emotionally, etc etc.  the thought that I might be taking more happiness out of there lives then I'm adding is frankly too much for me to handle.  I already learned that was the case during my last romantic relationship and since I doubt I could do any better is the reason why I gave up on such relationships.

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