Saturday, June 1, 2013

pins, buttons and charm braclets

ok I'm going to try something odd, and try to talk about fashion and clothing.  OK it shouldn't be that bad, I'm not talking about how to match up blouses and skirts or anything.  in fact buttons and charm bracelets are things I like more in concept then as an actual clothing choice.  see with charm bracelets you start off with a very basic and plain looking bracelet, but it's made so you can hook smaller decorative pieces onto it. and these pieces could be anything. it could be something you just liked the look of, it could be a reminder of a place you like to visit, or maybe some movie book or game you love.  and buttons allow you to do the same thing but with packs hats, or any clothing.

this makes it possible to create a truly unique expression of yourself and your interests which, in concept is something that I absolutely love.  unfortunately it also typically looks cluttered and thus I'm unlikely to indulge in it no matter how much I like it as a concept. 

1 comment:

  1. I've always liked the charm bracelet idea, though i don't own any. and wow, you think there would be more geeky items geared towards it. I could picture many game and anime logos hanging from a gold bracelet. heh.