Saturday, November 12, 2011

family and depression

I don't know how  to start this so with this awkward segue I think I'll just jump in.  recently I decided to post a comic on my Facebook it's not a comic I made but I felt it offered an important glimpse into what depression is like and I was hoping it could help clear up some of the many misconceptions about it.  (here's the comic for those that want to check it out )

boy did this turn out to be a mistake, most people ignored it to then comment on some power rangers video odd pic that someone felt the need to post very shortly after my post. however those that did read it quickly started asking me invasive questions, told me I need to think positively and remember all the good things I have, ignoring the fact that the comic itself kinda points out that doesn't work and oblivious to the fact that all they're doing for me is adding guilt that almost put me in another bad spell of it. so for me lesson learned, I can't talk about my depression except with very few people who either now enough to not make it worse or at least won't get insulted when I say they're not helping.

I don't want to leave this on a downer so here are a couple of beautiful video's I found recently.

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