Saturday, October 8, 2011

been spending a lot of time on youtube lately

don't entirly know why, this isn't just a depressive episode like normal, I think having to move in with my dad is just kinda crushing my creative side.  but while I'm here I figured I'd highlight one youtbe account I found recently that I'm really enjoying, I haven't watched all the videos on her account but I love what I've seen, I'll link a few of my favorites, but I recomend checking out more, though be warned she she is an atheist so if your very religious you may want to avoid some of the videos that involve religion.

this is the first video of his I found and it's actual a very nice explanation of transhumanism

after watching a few video's about gay rights I often get worried that they'll mishandle trans issues (sadly I've seen just as much trans hate in gay and lesbian communities as is stereotypically associated with Christians) so I think my real love for her channel started with these two videos on trans issues

and finally a makeup tutorial.  A GREAT makeup tutorial, she doesn't show you how to do some complicated look with eyeshadow, she just shows some basics it's an actual getting started video containing information that i've had a lot of trouble finding before.

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