Saturday, June 11, 2011

ups and downs

so things have been a bit up and down lately, mostly down it would seem, but frankly it's surprising I don't feel a lot worse then I do.

for a brief run down the bad weekend I mentioned a couple of posts back was quickly followed by my landlords telling me to get out, I have some time to find a new place, but it's only been about 6 months since the last time I was kicked out of a place (I swear I'm not a bad tenant, both times it's been the land lords finances) worrying about a place to stay is one of the primary reasons why I even bother staying in this state, so when my housing situation ends up being this unstable I spend a lot of time thinking why don't I just get in my car pick a direction and then try my luck somewhere else (without a place to stay, knowing anything about the area, or even much money for basics).

the good news, I found a potential house in just a few days I'm still waiting for full conformation so I'm trying not to get my hopes too high up but this would work out very nicely and has been keeping my stress low.  and while there wasn't anything to alleviate the bad weekend stuff, something did happen that helped put a little hole in my normal depression. basically this,  the girl who left that ask can be found here  picture here  (sorry for the link spam in this part) it may seem petty, but thoughts that I'm pretty much destined to spend my life alone does tend to be a common companion during my depressive episodes, so hearing that somebody would like to date me, even if she couldn't for a number of reasons did mean a lot to me. 

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  1. I would so let you come stay with me! heh, but I'm afraid my many many dogs would scare your cats and probably not do much for your allergies.

    But this town is awful anyway, I would probably join you on your road to nowhere and we would be better off then this place. And the whole place is a huge clique, they ran off a local restaurant owner recently because he wasn't from here, or from American. He was Italian running an Italian restaurant for crying out loud!

    That's really sweet of her to say! and she's very cute! ^_^ After as long as I've known you, I can say that she made a super choice too! your a wonderful person and it's great to see others see that too.