Sunday, March 20, 2011


sorry the posts have been really low lately, my depression is flaring up and I've been needing a lot of caffine just to stay functional for my homework so getting around to blog posts as been an uphill battle. and has per my usual when I'm not drowning in caffeine and homework during a depression I click on some video games, spent a little more money on them recently then I probably should have.  I know burying myself in video games probably isn't the best course of action but it's one of the few things that involve me enough to keep the darker thoughts out of my head, it really wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that dragon age 2 got me through the last couple of weeks.  hopefully I'll be a bit better next week and have something a bit more substantial.


  1. I've been throwing my self into demons souls lately. I think my depression is from being in a huge rut.. But, if you need anyone to talk too. i think you know where you can reach me. ^_^ heheh.

  2. I think that what you are saying is a big reason I have resisted from buying a gaming system (well cost as well. I learned early on I would lose myself in the games. I play too much Gemcraft Labyrinth on Armour Games as it is now. Reading is that for me really. I think after Mom died years ago reviewing was the culprit in many of my depressional hiding. I just didn't really acknowledge it or the depression at the time. I do know when it gets really bad, my doggies have always been there for me. So, hang in there Sweetie. Know we care even though we can't really hug you for reals. *big hug*